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Trade Supply Group Sees Immediate ROI With SMP
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Trade Supply Group (TSG), based in New York, focuses on the building products industry to both trade and retail consumers; the company is comprised of five different business units, each facing their own set of marketplace challenges.

With extensive experience in the sales management and CRM space, and working with ‘umbrella corporations’ comprised of multiple business units, SMP fit TSG's needs perfectly. TSG business System Administrator, Scott Sokoly, who managed the SMP implementation, said,“SMP was willing to work with us based or staff needs, and the incremental rollout was important to us instead of pushing everything ‘day one’.”

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Miller Industries Improves Data Access With Infor
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Miller Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment. Based in Ooltewah, Tennessee, with three manufacturing facilities in the United States, one in England, and one in France, the company provides a complete line of towing and recovery equipment. In addition to car carriers and light-duty towing, the line of equipment also includes vehicles that can carry up to 40,000 pounds and heavy duty recovery units with boom capacities of 100 tons.

Miller Industries was recently named a 2019 recipient of Infor's Customer Excellence Award in the Technology and Business Intelligence/Analytics category. The awards are given each year to customers that drive innovation and exceptional results with Infor solutions. Miller Industries earned the award for its rapid, effective deployment of Infor OS and Infor Birst, reducing the number of outstanding invoices by 40% and shortening budget planning time by 80%.

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CPA Academy and Henry Struckel present Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software 101: Back to Basics
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019: 10:00 AM CST

This FREE webinar will help you learn the Basics of ERP Software, compare Cloud vs. On-Premise ERP Solutions, identify key Vendors in the ERP industry, explore ERP Implementation, and ERP Contract Reviews.

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Jeff Gusdorf and Epicor Will Present "It's a Good Time to be in the Cloud Webinar"
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This FREE webinar on May 22, 2 p.m. EST sponsored by Epicor will explain what you should consider before moving your data to the cloud.

While ERP software in the cloud has been around for more than a decade, adoption rates are increasing for distributors. This is largely driven by the need to provide exceptional customer service to remain competitive. This webinar will discuss the changing landscape and suggest things you should think about before moving to the cloud.

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  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software 101:
Back To Basics
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software 101: Back To Basics

Enterprise Resource Planning software is designed to help companies manage the key components of their business - from sales and marketing to planning and production to inventory and finance - in one seamless experience. Real-time visibility into the business is perhaps the greatest benefit of ERP. When implemented properly, the right ERP system can provide business clarity, flexibility and operational agility. Do you know how to determine which ERP system is best fit for your organization or client?  This presentation will examine what ERP software is and the importance of an effective ERP system for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the Basics of ERP Software
  • Compare Cloud vs. On-Premise ERP Solutions
  • Identify Key Vendors in the ERP Industry
  • Explore ERP Implementation
  • ERP Contract Reviews
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VAI Enterprise Applications ROI Case Study


VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.)

Imperial Bag & Paper leveraged VAI's unlimited user licensing to add hundreds of new users obtained during recent acquisitions. Nucleus found that S2K ERP enabled the company to migrate multiple software applications into one integrated ERP solution, providing a view of the entire business and providing real-time visibility throughout the organization. Learn more... VAI Enterprise Applications ROI Case Study


VAI and IBM: smarter enterprise management with mobile and social business


VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.)

A personalized, web-based user experience that helps manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations remotely access VAI S2K ERP solutions to improve decision making and collaboration. Learn more... VAI and IBM: smarter enterprise management with mobile and social business