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Heitek Automation Improves Metrics With Tour de Force
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Heitek Automation is an industrial automation distributor. A business decision was made to implement Tour de Force's BYOR Reports. Says Cory Comer, Heitek's Marketing Manager, had the following to say, “Prior to BYOR, our sales metrics came from multiple different locations, making it difficult to see exactly what was going on not only from a corporate level, but from a territory level as well.  

With the addition of BYOR, not only were we able to create a “dashboard” with all of our relevant metrics, we created the same report for our sales guys so they can track their goals. At a glance, we now are able to view our corporate metrics across three sales categories: bookings, sales, and profits, quickly extract our run-rates and % of our sales goals, our growth rates, and most importantly our gross-margin as a % of our sales (our goal is 30%). In addition, we can quickly see how each territory is performing against its goals, who is leading the pack, compare it to last year and the overall impact on our company’s bottom line. It’s fantastic!”

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SunnyD Eliminates Data Silos With Infor Birst
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sunny Delight Beverages Co. is a producer of juice-based drinks in North America, with four brands including its flagship, SunnyD. When the company was spun off from Proctor & Gamble, eight different legacy business intelligence applications were in place, each with independent silos of data. As a result, SunnyD executives would receive conflicting figures because end users were working off unique silos of data. This disparity led to revenue unpredictability, lower margins than necessary, high inventory buffers, and a lack of understanding of true profitability derived from sales promotions. SunnyD embraced the opportunity to modernize and take a strategic approach to business intelligence.

CIO Shawn Roberts, working closely with the CFO, evaluated 17 different vendors before committing to Infor's Birst. Birst integrates data from multiple sources with transparent data governance, while at the same time providing self-service analytic capabilities to both technical and non-technical users.

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Industry News

Todd Snover is presenting Applying Business Process Management (BPM) to Improve Quality and Lower Costs
Monday, April 23, 2018

Todd Snover, Advisory Services Supervisor from Brown Smith Wallace Business Process and Systems Group will be presenting on April 26, 2018 at 4:30pm at the 15th Annual ASQ Lean-Sigma Conference at SIUC.

In his presentation, Business Process Management (BPM) is introduced as an area of expertise that leverages tools and techniques from a number of quality methodologies including Lean, Six Sigma, BPMN process mapping & simulation, metrics, benchmarking, VSM, and other process improvement activities.

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New 2017 Mid-Year Supplement Guides Available
Monday, October 23, 2017

The 2017 Mid-Year Supplement is now available. This guide provides everything you need to know when beginning your software selection and evaluation process.

Developed through a partnership with Industrial Distribution, Industrial Supply, Contractor Supply Magazine and Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Services, this 12-page Supplement Guide provides valuable, independently researched information.

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  ERP Software 101:Back to Basics ERP Software 101: Back to Basics  

ERP software is designed to help companies manage the key components of their business - from sales and marketing to planning and production to inventory and finance - in one seamless experience. Real-time visibility into the business is perhaps the greatest benefit of ERP. When implemented properly, the right ERP system can provide business clarity, flexibility and operational agility. Do you know how to determine which ERP system is the best fit for your organization? 

On October 10, Brown Smith Wallace Advisory Manager Henry Struckel and Taft Law Firm Partner Marcus Harris will host a webinar, "ERP Software 101: Back to Basics." Henry and Marcus will examine what ERP software is and the importance of an effective ERP system for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Register at...

Please Note: This webinar qualifies for 1 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit hour.

  VAI Enterprise Applications ROI Case Study

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.)

Imperial Bag & Paper leveraged VAI's unlimited user licensing to add hundreds of new users obtained during recent acquisitions. Nucleus found that S2K ERP enabled the company to migrate multiple software applications into one integrated ERP solution, providing a view of the entire business and providing real-time visibility throughout the organization. Learn more... VAI Enterprise Applications ROI Case Study

  VAI and IBM: smarter enterprise management with mobile and social business

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.)

A personalized, web-based user experience that helps manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations remotely access VAI S2K ERP solutions to improve decision making and collaboration. Learn more... VAI and IBM: smarter enterprise management with mobile and social business

  The Future of Distribution



The distribution industry is experiencing monumental change at every level—direct relationships with consumers, expanding channel options and growing global connections. Building profits is no longer as simple as moving inventory and optimizing the supply chain.

In this eBook, you'll be introduced to the key concepts that thriving distributors are incorporating into their business models. Learn more...

The Future of Distribution

  11 Criteria for Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement

11 Criteria for Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement

An ERP system is your information backbone and reaches into all areas of your business and value-chain. Replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. Here are the 11 criteria that allow you to identify and select the solution that will meet these expectations. Learn more... 11 Criteria for Selecting The Best ERP System Replacement

  Choosing An Enterprise Software Solution

Choosing An Enterprise Software Solution

Buying, replacing, or upgrading your enterprise software can easily overwhelm even the savviest distributor. Yet, by assembling a good team, creating a strong plan, and following a few simple steps, you can make purchasing the software that will carry your business into the future a profitable experience. Learn more...